Spiritual Connection Course – Parent to Child

How to put Parenting on Autopilot! Increase your Communication Results While Taking Walks at the Park and Harness the Invisible Power Actually Responsible for 95% of your Communication!

How would your daily life be different if you could:

  • Feel supported and confident as you clear stagnant energy and become rooted in your truth.
  • Overcome your own obstacles easier to enjoy your child more.
  • Receive clarity in your decisions as you are aligned with your soul and your child.
  • Feel connected with your child by learning how to communicate beyond words so you can be communicating even when your child prefers not to actively listen.
  • Know you are Heard by your child as you strengthen your spiritual connection.
  • Create more space for Joy as you release parenting obligations by knowing YOU are making connected parenting decisions.

I know it’s hard to spend time talking to your children when you are so busy with work and obligations.  

I can relate to how hard it is to connect with him when he struggles to focus.

I know it’s not always easy to be present when you have so much to think about.

It can be especially challenging to relate to the child that is a bit different than the rest of the family.  

It is difficult to recognize what your child needs!

Of course, you are struggling! 

When we are able to play and laugh with our kids, they know we believe in them and we SEE them.

Heather Coster

Are you experiencing…

  • Overwhelm with so many obligations and expectations?
  • Scattered thoughts and emotions?
  • Hopelessness in how to best parent your child for optimal results?
  • Desperate for guidance?
  • Alone in your parenting journey?
  • You have tried to improve the relationship with your child but failed.
  • You are at a loss at how to best direct your child toward good behavior.
  • You feel that life shouldn’t be easy because you grew up in a house that was always a struggle.
  • You’re too busy to make a change.
  • You are stuck and don’t feel like there is a solution.
  • You are afraid you are an exception to the rule.

Heather has found exactly where she is meant to be in fulfilling not only a passion of hers but bringing healing restoration to each of her clients. For anyone who has been through challenges that have lead to not being able to live your life to your fullest capacity and wanting to be freed from potential traumas. I would highly recommend trying out a visit with Heather.

Lindsey W.

I came from this place, too!  I get it!

When my son was young I really struggled to connect with him.  Disciplining was so difficult because I couldn’t figure out what would motivate him.  His behavior was uncontrollable and yet all I yearned for was to have fun and enjoy our time together.  I wanted to have what I saw other families have. I wanted a true bond with my son that was unshakable by illness or tension.  I wanted to KNOW him. I wanted him to FEEL my love for him. I longed for him to understand me. As I talked with him and spoke my words of love, I realized this was not enough.  To connect with him I needed so much more than words. 

What I noticed was that he responded to me when I could meet him in his space. I began to connect with him energetically.  I SAW him in a different way. Our lives became more full as he was able to HEAR what I was saying. He was able to FEEL my love and understand how I wanted him to behave. When he felt understood his behavior improved!

See, it wasn’t his fault.  It wasn’t my fault.  

It was a failure to communicate!

Once I figured this out, I realized there were so many other parents out there with a communication break down like mine.  

Parents are frustrated. Children feel lost and hurt.

I needed to get this information to more families!

I’m so passionate about how children are viewed by society and how parents are being deceived by our doctors and school systems. I decided to find a way to reveal the truth.  

Working with me means you have a genuine mother and healer eager to energetically align you and your child at a soul level.

Spiritual Connection is a course for parents that want to feel rooted in their decisions, communicate beyond words, and create a peaceful environment in their home with minimal arguing.

Spiritual Connection is an 6 Module Course for parents that are desperate for a change within themselves and their family.

Spiritual Connection is full of energy healing, live support, spiritual coaching, and secrets to unlocking your child’s true potential.

Spiritual Connection will walk you on a journey of creating more space for Joy by knowing you are making connected parenting decisions.

~You’ll be taught a clear understanding of the chakras and how to align them for ideal development and health.

~You’ll be guided in through several healing meditations to promote stillness, alignment, and connection to your child.

~You’ll be given practical tools and steps to utilize daily to maximize your healing and time.

Unlike other programs that teach generic parenting solutions. This course is personalized and customized to shift your individual energy and heal you and your child both spiritually and emotionally.

Working with me means you have a genuine mother and healer eager to energetically align you and your child at a soul level.

Spiritual Connection will dramatically reduce chaos, jumpstart your energetic alignment, and quickly help you to communicate with your child to promote better behavior from them.

How The Class Works

In just 6 classes we will work together to transform you emotionally and spiritually.  We will energetically align you to your truth. You will then expand into communicating spiritually.

*Each week we will meet at a designated time in a Zoom meeting, as we spend time in each module. 

*Each session will include coaching, tools, and exercises.

*Many will contain group energy healing and meditations.

Module 1  – Learn life-changing, daily spiritual practices to implement for long-term success, including a guided meditation for parent and child. Be supported as you are grounded in your truth.

Module 2 – Logically understand your major energy centers and how they influence you energetically and emotionally.  Actively practice how to align your major chakras in easy and fun ways for ideal development and health. 

Module 3 – Transform your awareness of connecting energetically. Receive a powerful Connection Meditation, aligning you to your child through each major energy center.

Module 4 – Learn how powerful play is! The perfect medicine to assist us in shifting and releasing stuck emotions. Here we are able to meet in a more pure space where we can observe and receive information more clearly.  

Module 5 – Expand to FEEL the vibrations around you and in your child!  Learn how to use Powerful Tools to create minor adjustments in your vibration to align more clearly with your child so you understand each other better. Gain stillness to soothe the brain and slow the busy mind in a Guided Healing Meditation.

Module 6 –   Receive insightful coaching to meet your child at their frequency. Intuitively shift your energy to his level to improve how he responds to you.


*Cacao Ceremony to Integrate the Healing in the Course

“The Jumping Bean Course for the Active Child”- Where we go over specific recommendations for a child with loads of energy!

*Special gift package designed to assist in your growth.

This Course is for Parents who are:

  • Sick of Speaking to their child but not being HEARD.
  • Passionate about learning who their child is beneath poor behavior.
  • Willing to go within to heal themself and their child.
  • Skeptical that anything can improve their parent/child relationship.


If not completely satisfied after your 30-day trial, receive a full refund.

Valued at $1,499 I am excited to offer this course at a Beta price of just $197!

Act quickly for this one-time offer!

When I offer this course again it will be priced near $500!