Spiritual Connection Course- Parent to Child

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In 6 classes we work together to transform you emotionally and spiritually.  We will energetically align you to your truth. You will then expand into communicating spiritually.

Each week we will meet at a designated time in a Zoom meeting, as we spend time in each module.  Each session will include coaching, tools, and exercises. Many will contain group energy healing and meditations.

Module 1  – Learn life-changing, daily spiritual practices to implement for long-term success, including a guided meditation for parent and child. Be supported as you are grounded in your truth.

Module 2 Logically understand your major energy centers and how they influence you energetically and emotionally.  Actively practice how to align your major chakras in easy and fun ways for ideal development and health. 

Module 3 Transform your awareness of connecting energetically. Receive a powerful Connection Meditation, aligning you to your child through each major energy center.

Module 4Learn how powerful play is! The perfect medicine to assist us in shifting and releasing stuck emotions. Here we are able to meet in a more pure space where we can observe and receive information more clearly.  

Module 5 Expand to FEEL the vibrations around you and in your child!  Learn how to use Powerful Tools to create minor adjustments in your vibration to align more clearly with your child so you understand each other better. Gain stillness to soothe the brain and slow the busy mind in a Guided Healing Meditation.

Module 6   Receive insightful coaching to meet your child at their frequency. Intuitively shift your energy to his level to improve how he responds to you.

Bonuses – 

*Cacao Ceremony to Integrate the Healing in the Course

*”The Jumping Bean Course” for the Active Child- Where we go over specific recommendations for a child with loads of energy!

*Special gift package designed to assist in your growth.